Early Years Mathematical Thinking

Dr. Sue Gifford and Dr. Helen J Williams Talk about early years’ mathematics.

July 2020

Helen is the CODE Maths Hub Early Years Lead and Sue, most recently of the University of Roehampton, works as a mathematics consultant with practitioners and various bodies including NCETM,  NRICH and NDNA.  Previously a London primary teacher, she has researched early years maths and children with maths difficulties. She is co-author of Making Numbers, resulting from a Nuffield funded project about the use of manipulatives. Her current interests include the development of pattern and spatial awareness with young children.

CODE Maths Hub have been privileged to work with Sue over the past three years of operation of the Early Years’ Research Work Group. This work group recruits annually and is for Reception and Y1 colleagues, working in partnership with a member of SLT.

As we have sadly had to terminate this year’s cohort of the Group due to Covid, we are publishing this video to offer you all some early years mathematical thinking space; together with this written guidance on returning to school in the Autumn:  Click to download

In this 40’ video Helen and Sue discuss some of the key ideas of early years’ maths. It is an informal interview which is aimed at painting a picture of what is important and why, with particular reference to shape and space, backed up with research that we have been reading. There is a PDF document of references to accompany the video.

Get Informed!
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Have a good, restful and enjoyable summer break. You all need it.

Helen Williams and Josh Lury
Work Group Leads
July 2020

To watch the Zoom video you will need to use the following password: 4o%N1!!W