February 3 2020

Evidence-informed approaches to improving the primary-secondary transition in maths.

This course is aimed at primary and secondary maths teachers and leaders aiming to improve the transition process by increasing teachers’ knowledge of approaches, curriculum and expectations in the other key stage. It is also a great opportunity to strengthen links between primary and secondary staff and create impactful curriculum coherence between schools.

The course is led by Debbie Weible, (Evidence Lead in Education for primary maths, Devon maths hub lead for CODE maths hub and lead maths PD across the region) and Sandra Westlake (Evidence Lead in Education for secondary maths, expert teacher for the Mathematics Enhancement Project, and Head of Mathematics at Dartmouth Academy).

Day one: 3rd February
Day two: 9th March
Day Three: 20th April

£295 per secondary participant
£245 per primary participant

Venue: Cornwall (TBC)

Kingsbridge Research School
01548 852641 ext 180