The England-China Exchange is well under way with three of our teachers taking part this year. Ross, Greg and Nicola are having an amazing time and learning lots in Shanghai. We look forward to hearing all about and are very excited to welcome teachers from Shanghai for the reciprocal visit early next year.

Each year, around 70 teachers from English schools, two from each Maths Hub area, travel to Shanghai in the autumn term and, later in the school year, host their partner teachers from Shanghai for a two-week visit in their schools in England. When the Shanghai teachers teach maths lessons in English schools, Maths Hubs organise ‘showcase’ events so that local teachers can observe and ask questions about the teaching approach. Look out for details for our own ‘showcase’ events which will be coming soon.

The maths teacher exchange with Shanghai, since it began in 2014, has proved immensely valuable for both primary and secondary teachers in English schools. Teachers here have worked closely with their Chinese counterparts and have seen, at first hand, the effectiveness of Shanghai maths teaching approaches, and how well the approaches can work with English children in English schools. This has led to increasing numbers of schools in England starting to implement approaches that have proved successful in China. As a result, teachers are reporting that pupils in schools across England are developing a deeper understanding of maths that will serve them well in the future.